The following is my Statement of Purpose required by the JET application. Hopefully it provides insight into my interests in Japan. 

Statement of Purpose

Studying and learning for two months in Japan changed my life. There are plenty of cliché phrases to describe how this experience impacted me such as, “Now, I see the world with a global perspective and the abroad forced me to become more independent”. Although both of these sayings are true, they do not accurately depict the biggest change in me. Seeing the discipline, hard work, and selflessness of the Japanese helped me understand who I am, as well as my impact and responsibilities in the world.  More specifically, I learned to be focused on working hard and striving for excellence. As I approach graduation I can think of no better way to put these newfound values into practice than teaching English and learning in Japan. Furthermore, as I think about this opportunity I am confident that my experiences working as a camp counselor, my two months studying in Japan, and my liberal arts background with a writing focus have given me an understanding of what it takes to be an effective team player and a valuable assistant language teacher.

In terms of working as an overnight camp counselor I was responsible for the nurturing of boys from the ages of eight through twelve. Consistently mentoring campers helped me to get out of myself and see the greater good that camp offers to all. My two summers as a counselor taught me patience, how to plan team-building exercises, and how to quickly adjust to adverse situations. Knowing that the work I expressed while at camp helped better influence the lives of many children was the most satisfying and rewarding job to have. I still carry the lessons that I learned from camp with me today, and I would be thrilled to apply them to my work with Japanese children.

From studying in Japan I learned that education is the key to a successful life. Specifically, I realized that the primary objective for me to be in school was not just to attend classes, but also to use academics to develop my ideas to benefit the world. Equipped with this clear vision, I have an excitement to share American culture with Japanese children. Since I grew up near Boston, the heart of the American Revolution, I feel my unique background in US history and American culture can sufficiently serve the Japanese school system. In addition to my teaching responsibilities, I wish to benefit the community by assisting with local youth baseball teams, as I currently play NCAA baseball in college. Most importantly, I see myself contributing to the Japanese school system by helping to produce moral citizens who are committed to thinking outside of themselves in order to meet the needs of the country and to progress the world.

…I’m omitting the ending to prevent someone from copying the entire SOP word for word.


  1. Hello, Stephen and this is to ask you a permission to use part of your blog on
    in order to provide information for tourists from outside Japan. We, Awaji-Jonova Line,
    which currently provide a boat service between Akashi and Iwaya will launch another high-speed boat service between Kansai International Airport and Sumoto Port this coming summer and we do need tourist information on Awaji in English. Since we found that your viewpoint is something that many tourists will need, should you give us your kind permission, we would like to use some part of the web-page above with updated info that we will add. If you are still kindly willing to be a part of and support Awaji, please let us know. We are very impressed with the information you are kindly giving us on your blog.

    • Anrakusan, thank you for visiting my blog. Please use any and all of the blog. I hope it helps. Please let me know how I cab be of value moving forward. I look forward to visiting Awaji Island again soon!

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