VIDEO: Koshien High School Baseball Tournament.

I filmed, Tomohiro Anraku, the 16-year-old pitching phenom out of Ehime, Japan, who was made famous after hurling 772 pitches over 5 games in 9 days in the Spring Koshien High School Baseball Tournament.  Here he is in the summer tournament on two days rest, after throwing 137 pitches in his previous start.

94 MPH on his 183rd, and final pitch, at 4:27.

2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Koshien High School Baseball Tournament.

  1. This is incredible! — Really enlightening about just what young pitchers are truly capable of without all the coddling thay get in US. – explains why Dice-K had so much trouble adjusting to the routine in Boston! — Thanks for the video and the details!

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