Tottori Sand Dunes 鳥取砂丘

Last weekend, my homestay family took me to the Tottori Sand Dunes. Stretching ten miles and soaring over a hundred and sixty feet, the sand dunes are the most famous tourist attraction in Tottori prefecture. Watching the joy and excitement of my home stay moms’ six grandkids was priceless. To them, this place was a endless sandbox for them to run around and scream until there hearts content.

We visited this natural wonder on a scorching hot summer day. Luckily, there is a nice beach on the other side of the giant sand mountain; You just have to trek through a half mile of sand. But, it’s worth the walk, as the beach is beautiful.

There are also many activities in the area that utilize the abundance of sand. Visitors can take a camel ride, go sand boarding, and even go paragliding. Additionally, there is a sand museum exhibiting the worlds’ finest sand sculptures from artists all over the globe. Since I was with my home stay family, I didn’t have the opportunity to try the more adventurous sand activities. Instead, we went to the sand museum. A sand museum sounds boring, but I have to admit, I was impressed and really enjoyed my time there.

If you are traveling from Tottori station, you can catch the bus for “Tottori Sakyu” at bus stop #0. There are hourly departures that take twenty minutes, and cost 360 yen.

A: Homestay

B: Tottori Sand Dunes

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