Japans’ Ridiculous iPhone Cases

Today while perusing the news in the teacher’s office, (I never have classes on Friday morning) I came across an article entitled, “You Can Buy an Edible iPhone Case for $81”. That’s right, eighty-one dollars, plus fifteen dollars for shipping.

Immediately, I thought to myself, “only Japan would create something like this.” Turns out, it was indeed the creation of Japanese company called, Mariko. The phone case is actually made of an edible rice cracker called, senbei. After living here for four months, you soon realize how much the Japanese like senbei. But I never imagined their love affair would go this far. My only concern is, how do you prevent a flock of ravenous pigeons from dive bombing into your head, while your talking on your phone?

Reading this article reminded me of all the ridiculous iPhone cases I saw in Tokyo back in August. Luckily, I took pictures of a few of them. From an eel sushi case (not edible) to a calculator case, Japan has it all. What’s your favorite case?

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