All You Can Eat Burger King, Japan

Whenever I finish a burger, the first thought that comes to my mind is, “I could eat another.” Normally I say this after finishing a really good burger, so that eliminates most fast food chains, including Burger King. However, when the opportunity to devour as many free burgers as possible in thirty minutes presented itself, there was no way I would pass it up, even if it was at Burger King.

That’s right. You read that correctly. For a limited time, Burger King is offering an all-you-can-eat promotion to celebrate its 5th anniversary since returning to Japan. Thanks to a good friend of mine back home, I was alerted of this once in a lifetime opportunity. The exact details of the campaign are:

November 17th-24th, 2PM-11PM, 870 yen ($10.70)

  • 1 Whopper or special “Black Burger”
  • Choice of fries or onion rings
  • 1 Medium drink
  • Repeat as many times as possible in 30 minutes.

Despite the closest Burger King being located in Osaka, almost two hours away, I was determined to go. Luckily I already had plans to visit my home-stay mom who lived off the island. So it was easy to just swing by BK on my way home.

Once inside, I was a man on a mission. I mean, thirty minutes is not a lot of time, so there was no messing around. (I even almost forgot to take a picture of the meal). The moment the register prints the receipt, you’re on the clock! Thus, I finished my first burger just as my friend, who ordered directly after me, received his meal. I should mention that this was not your ordinary burger either; it was the special Kuro Burger (lit. Black Burger). Meaning, the bun was died black with bamboo charcoal. Additionally, it came equipped with black ketchup, which is regular ketchup mixed with squid ink, garlic, and supposedly some other seasoning, which I couldn’t taste. Overall, I was impressed with its distinct taste. Where else can you get a squid ink burger?

After demolishing the first round, I hustled my way back to a special register, designated to handle all the hungry buffet customers. All you need to do to receive more burgers, fries, or drinks, is give them your tray and empty wrappers. From here, you will be given a card to certify that you are in buffet mode. You do need to finish everything before given more food though. So, unfortunately, I had to stomach some of the worst onion rings.

While waiting for my second burger, the BK burger chefs messed up on the person’s order in front of me. This little mishap set me back close to 5 minutes, which didn’t really bother me. However, the man behind me, who was quite large to say the least, seemed a little ticked off…it’s never a good idea to deprive a hungry big man of free burgers.

This same man was sitting next to us, and my friend and I were able to study his buffet technique. No, he didn’t dip his bun in water like Kobiyashi at the 4th of July Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest, but it was still pretty clever. He would eat his burger mix in a few fries in between burger bites, then eat the remaining fries as he waited in line for his next burger. This clearly wasn’t his first rodeo. He eventually ran out of time after four whoppers.

Keeping the next morning in mind, I stopped after one black burger, two whoppers, and onion rings. It was a memorable night at the BK Lounge, and probably the last time that I will eat there in a while.

4 thoughts on “All You Can Eat Burger King, Japan

  1. Hi! I found your blog on Japan Blog List and have been enjoying reading your posts. I spent half of this year studying in Osaka, so it’s awesome to read about some familiar places. =) When I was there KFC also did an all-you-can-eat promotion, and I was wondering how it would actually work… I guess it makes sense that you have to eat everything before you can get more, haha. Sounds fun!

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