My Contract Arrived

Today I received my contract from the Awaji City Board of Education (MAP). It arrived exactly one month after my email from the Japanese Consulate informing me of my placement. The package contained my Notice of Appointment, Terms and Conditions, and the Statement of Agreement. I could not have been more excited to tear open the envelope. The information provided inside helped convince me that I will actually be in Japan in just over one month, and that this isn’t just some dream I have been having. However, I still feel like departure is a long ways away. I am grateful to spend time with my family and friends while I’m home, but I am also a little anxious to be in Japan. I mean, this is something that I have been preparing for since October…Can it just be July 28th already?

A part of me wants to know everything about my placement. Like: what my apartment looks like, what the schools will be like, where the best restaurants are, etc. On the other hand, I also want to be surprised. Fortunately, my predecessor contacted me through Facebook and gave me the lowdown on Awaji.

Turns out I will teach at two middle schools; one a five minute walk from home, and the other a fifteen minute bus ride. My commute sounds really convenient, especially considering it takes an hour and ten minutes to get into work right now. Additionally, it’s only a fifteen minute walk to the swimming beach. But I will be able to see the ocean from my window! Another plus is the apartment will be fully furnished when I arrive. Well, at least it will be to Japanese standards, meaning no western bed. I will miss my bed here at home. But hey, “When in Japan…sleep on the floor”

Overall, I am psyched about my housing situation. I look forward to being in the countryside where I can learn and practice my Japanese. However, I am not isolated. I am fortunate enough to be forty minutes from Kobe, an hour and twenty minutes from Osaka, and an hour and forty-five minutes from Kyoto (my favorite city). A big thanks to my predecessor, Lana, for answering all my questions.

10 thoughts on “My Contract Arrived

  1. I’m so excited that I’ll be able to read about your adventures in Japan over the next year, but now I can’t get West Side Story out of my head…When you’re a Jet you’re a Jet all the way… 🙂

  2. Hm, you know you CAN buy a bed in Japan…right? Awaji Island is an awesome place. You’re 40 mins from MY favorite city. Lucky…I really wanted Kansai.

    • 21 years 🙂 way to long, But life is good to me here.

      I help with the International society in Awaji City too. They have a lot of _small_ interesting events on Awaji. So if you are interested in joining an event or two please do let me know, Once you have settled in that is 🙂 Anyway have a safe flight.

  3. Haha, I actually really enjoyed sleeping on a futon, it’s one thing I’m looking forward to doing again! Awaji does sound nice – it’s fun to learn about where everyone else is being posted. I had similar feelings to you when I opened the letter of my terms and conditions of employment – it’s finally starting to feel a bit more real!

    • Thanks for reading my blog! I just found out from my predecessor that I will actually have a big bed in the apartment, but I don’t mind sleeping on a futon every now and then. Yes, it feels more real each day!

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